WATCH: McClellan Speech on Removal of Harry Byrd Statue

McClellan: “When I …walked past that statue every day, I knew I was his worst nightmare.”

Today, Senator Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) delivered a floor speech advocating for the removal of noted segregationist and former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator Harry Byrd’s statue from the ground of the Virginia State Capitol.

“Let me tell you, when I was an intern in this body in college when I was an intern working for the first African American governor and walked past that statue every day, I knew I was his worst nightmare,” Sen. McClellan said. “I knew it. I know it now. I feel it every time I walk past it. I think about the damage he inflicted on this Commonwealth and on the African American community — which we are still trying to eradicate. He does not belong on the grounds of the ultimate public park in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

The bill, sponsored by Delegate Jay Jones (D-Norfolk), passed the Senate by a margin of 36-3 and now heads to Governor Northam’s desk.

Watch McClellan’s full floor speech from Blue Virginia here.