As the daughter of educators and community leaders who were born and raised during the Depression in the segregated South, Senator Jennifer McClellan has spent 15 years in the state legislature representing the Greater Richmond region, working to break down barriers and open doors of opportunity for the people of Virginia.

Jenn has been a driving force for delivering progressive change in Virginia – especially for women, children, and families. She is the only legislator in America who has led the passage of a state Voting Rights Act, a 100% clean energy standard, and a law proactively expanding reproductive rights. Jenn also led Virginia’s generational progress on education funding, criminal justice reform, the Equal Rights Amendment, protections for pregnant and domestic workers, and expanding health care access by creating the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

But even with all the progress Virginia has made, too many of our communities, our experiences, and our voices have been left behind. The coronavirus crisis has brought dramatic changes and challenges to the lives of millions of Virginians, exposed the depth of the inequity in our Commonwealth, and made it worse. 

Now, Jenn is running for Governor to tackle those challenges and build a better future for millions of families across Virginia. As governor, Jenn will bring her perspective and experience to rebuild Virginia from the pandemic, by breaking down barriers and opening doors of opportunity in the economy, health care, education, and justice systems — in a way that includes all Virginians.

Jenn learned from her parents that government could be a force of oppression or it could be a force for change and solving people’s problems. That inspired her to bring about change, through nearly three decades of public service, including 15 years in the legislature. She has worked to strengthen the Virginia Democratic Party, including serving as Party Vice Chair, and helping build it into a force that today has been chosen by the people to lead in both the legislature and all statewide offices.

Jenn is running for Governor because so many of us are tired of fighting the same fights that our parents, our grandparents, and our great-grandparents fought. These fights are about racial equity and ensuring all Virginians have access to  a high-quality education from birth to career, access to health care, economic opportunity, voting rights, and so much more. As a mom of two young kids, Jenn knows we need to continue these fights to build a better Commonwealth for Virginia families, and for all Virginia children to grow up in. 

Our next Governor must look to the future – not the past – to address these challenges and bring the change Virginia needs. As she has done in the legislature, as Governor, Jenn will not only bring diverse voices to the decision-making table, but take the table out into our communities to center the voices and perspectives of those impacted by government policies.

Check out Jenn’s issue pages to learn more about how Jenn will  break down barriers and open doors of opportunity for the people of Virginia in our economy and our health care system, our education system, and our safety nets in a way that includes all of us.