Jenn’s Perspective

As a member of the Central Virginia Transportation Authority Board and Senate Transportation Committee, Jenn has been a leader on key transportation decisions in both the Richmond area and across the Commonwealth. She understands that Virginia must make significant investments in transportation infrastructure, including improving roads and bridges, investing in public transportation, and providing infrastructure for a transition to electric vehicles.

Jenn believes the Commonwealth needs to focus on creating a multimodal transportation system that provides for the most efficient, accessible travel options for people and products while also protecting and preserving the environment. 

Jenn’s Record 
Jenn has worked to improve Virginia’s transportation infrastructure. As state Senator, she:

  • Cosponsored a new law that modernizes Virginia’s transportation system this year with the Clean Car Standard to curb vehicle emissions and transition Virginia to an all-electric vehicle fleet
  • Passed legislation to increase electric vehicle charging stations in Virginia
  • Supported an electric vehicle rebate to help make electric vehicles more affordable in Virginia
  • Initiated a study to create an east-west Commonwealth Corridor passenger rail service which would connect Hampton Roads, Richmond, and the New River Valley
  • Supported the 2020 transportation bill that streamlined transportation funding allocation and secured sustainable revenues for WMATA and VRE
  • Cosponsored a bill to create a regional passenger rail station authority for the New River Valley

Jenn’s Vision

As Governor, Jenn will: 

  • Invest in multi-modal transportation infrastures including roads and bridges – electric vehicles, ports, trains, bicycles and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Expand high-speed rail infrastructure, open and maintain an east-west rail transit system and work with the Biden-Harris Administration’s $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan to fund a mass transit revolution. 
  • Make Virginia a national leader in electric vehicles and create a path for Virginia to be 100 percent low- and zero-emissions vehicles by 2035
  • Decarbonize public transportation and the state fleet 
  • Protect commuting buses
  • Provide more funding for local public transit including Metro funding
  • Reward localities that make public transit a priority with more funding for road maintenance
  • Require a public transportation plan be submitted for all new major housing and industrial developments