Jennifer McClellan believes that politicians should not interfere in women’s personal medical decisions. Period.

For nearly 15 years, Jennifer has been an outspoken legislative leader in fighting to protect women’s reproductive health care rights. Jennifer she has fought back against Republican legislation that inserts government into reproductive health decisions, such as the mandate that a woman have an ultrasound prior to an abortion, personhood legislation, and legislation to prohibit state funding for abortions in the case of gross fetal abnormality.

Jennifer was the first member of the House of Delegates to be pregnant while in office, and has referred to her experiences in fighting against attempts to restrict women’s reproductive health decisions. “During one speech regarding the ultrasound bill, she (now infamously) pulled out the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” arguably the most well-known pregnancy handbook in existence,” ReWire wrote.

In 2020, she led the fight to pass the Reproductive Health Protection Act, the first bill in the South to protect access to abortion by eliminating mandatory ultrasounds, 24-hour waiting periods and TRAP laws that prevented women from getting the care they needed. She has also worked to increase access to contraceptive care. 

Jennifer is a recipient of the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s Aggie Wolf Defender of Choice Award, and the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood Mary Anne Reynolds Award, for her work to protect a woman’s right to choose.

As Governor, she will continue to safeguard women’s reproductive health and undo laws that jeopardize the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.