Voting is the fundamental act in our democracy. Yet for our country’s history there have been forces working to make it more difficult to vote and denying the franchise to too many people. Like many Virginians, Jennifer’s family history is full of stories of fighting to overcome barriers to voting.

As the granddaughter of a man who was subjected to a literacy test in order to get the right to vote, Jennifer has fought to ensure every Virginia voter can have equal and fair ballot access. She fought against Republican attempts to impose unnecessary barriers to voting, such as voter ID requirements. 

This year, Jennifer co-patroned newly passed laws that remove restrictive voter ID requirements, and allow no-excuse absentee voting. She was also the lead sponsor of a new law that bans prison gerrymandering, and stops gerrymandering based on racial or political data.

As Governor, she will undo unnecessary restrictions on voting and make Virginia a national leader on voting rights. She supports expanding absentee and early voting options, keeping polls open until 8 p.m., ending gerrymandering, and automatically restoring rights to non-violent offenders who have completed their sentencing requirements.