Virginia stands at a critical moment in its history.

Senator Jennifer McClellan represents Virginia’s 9th Senate District and knows how to get the job done. She has a record of results as a Virginia community leader solving problems and delivering progressive change for over 15 years as a legislator.


The Voting Rights Act of Virginia

SB 1395

The Voting Rights Act of Virginia, modeled after the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965, makes Virginia the first Southern state to pass a Voting Rights Act. The bill will protect voters in the Commonwealth from suppression, discrimination, and intimidation. The Voting Rights Act will also require changes to local voting laws and regulations be advertised in advance for public comment and evaluated for their impact on Black, Indigenous and communities of color. The bill also allows the Attorney General or affected individual to initiate a civil action in court if the protections are violated.
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Diminished Capacity Considerations in the Criminal Justice System

SB 1315

The Diminished Capacity Considerations in the Criminal Justice System bill reforms the criminal justice system for individuals with mental illness, autism, or developmental/intellectual disabilities by requiring judges to consider such conditions in bail and sentencing determinations, allowing related evidence during trials, and requiring more training about these conditions for judges and court appointed attorneys.
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Child Care Stabilization and Quality Care

SB 1316

McClellan’s Child Care Stabilization and Quality Care bill helps stabilize the child care industry, which has been devastated by the COVID-19 crisis. McClellan’s bill provides greater financial stability for child care providers by launching a new two-year pilot program creating flexibility in how federal subsidy dollars are used. The bill also addresses child care staffing shortages by allowing portable background checks.
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