McClellan Wins SWVA Democratic Straw Poll

Democratic Party activists fired up about McClellan as she wins 5th straw poll, the most of any gubernatorial candidate


ROANOKE, Va. — On the heels of delivering “the most poised, most experienced, most professional” debate performance last week, gubernatorial candidate Senator Jennnifer McClellan (D-Richmond) secured a decisive win in the Roanoke County and Montgomery County Committees’ SWVA Sprint to the Primary Straw Poll on Friday. McClellan won 56% of the vote, more than double any other candidate.


McClellan’s latest victory demonstrates the growing grassroots momentum in the Democratic Party behind her historic run to become the next governor of Virginia. 


The Roanoke and Montgomery County victory marks McClellan’s fifth straw poll victory, including winning democratic committee straw polls in Fairfax, Loudoun, Mount Vernon, and Hunter Mill. McClellan is the only candidate for governor from outside of Northern Virginia.


“With just over two weeks until primary election day, Jenn’s victory in the Roanoke and Montgomery County Straw Poll is yet another sign that the grassroots momentum in Virginia is behind Team McClellan,” campaign manager Rachel Perry said. “Jenn’s 5 straw poll victories from NoVa to SWVA shows how historic campaign has earned the support of the Virginia Democrats in every corner of the Commonwealth. Her wealth of experience delivering for Virginians and building the party are going to propel this campaign to defeat Glenn Youngkin this November.”


McClellan has been an active leader in the Virginia Democratic Party for over 30 years since organizing as a College Democrat at the University of Richmond. From serving as Vice Chair of the DPVA to stumping for candidates like Laurie Buchwald in Southwest Virginia for the special election in Senate District 38, McClellan has mobilized up and down the ballot to build the party across the Commonwealth into the positive force it is today.