McClellan Releases Statement on Results of Primary Election

RICHMOND, Va. – Tonight, Senator Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) released the following statement on the primary election.


“I’d like to congratulate Terry McAuliffe on his victory tonight. I am here to support him as the Democratic nominee for Governor every step of the way as we work towards November. 


“Although tonight did not go the way we wanted it to, we made history. Like Maggie Walker and Shirley Chisholm before me, we put more cracks in the glass ceiling that one day a Black woman will shatter. And I hope I have inspired her to find her voice and demand her seat at the head of the table.  


“We built a grassroots, people-powered movement that centered the voices and perspectives of so many people who have been excluded from the process. We outlined policies and issues that had been ignored for too long and put them front-and-center in our campaign for governor. We inspired many to believe in the power of state government to solve their problems and improve their communities. And I will continue to champion these issues in the Senate of Virginia and bring the policy making table out into all communities, as we work together to rebuild a stronger, more united, and more equitable Virginia. 


“I’m proud to have run a campaign that focused on implementing universal child care in Virginia, fully funding our education system, transforming our justice system, and equitably rebuilding our economic and health care safety nets. Those issues are now on the table because of the work and the strength of our grassroots movement, and I’m looking forward to advancing these issues forward with Terry through the general election—and in the General Assembly next year.


“Virginians have a clear choice this November between progress and the past. This election is about whether Virginia will lead forward on our path of progress, or whether we turn backwards. We’ve come so far on voting rights, civil rights, reproductive rights, health care, education and an inclusive economy—we cannot afford to let Glenn Youngkin turn back the clock. I know that Terry will lead the Democratic Party of Virginia forward with a fierce determination and a commitment to building a brighter future for our Commonwealth.


“I’m proud of this campaign, and of my 30 years building the Democratic Party of Virginia. And I look forward to working to elect Terry and the Democratic ticket this November and to continuing our progress next legislative session. Let’s get to work!”