Jenn’s Perspective

While serving in the General Assembly, Jenn has seen the impacts of the justice system on her constituents. Virginia’s justice system has disproportionately affected communities of color and individuals with disabilities, criminalized childhood behavior, poverty and mental health conditions, and failed to provide all defendants with fair trials. The justice system has focused more on punishment and incarceration than prevention and rehabilitation and doled out punishments that are disproportionate to crimes. That’s why Jenn is committed to transforming justice throughout the Commonwealth to create a generational cycle of restoration and re-entry rather than one of inequity.

Jenn’s Record

In the legislature, Jenn has been a leading and consistent champion of reforming the justice system to be truly just. 

Over the past 15 years, Jenn: 

Jenn’s Vision

As Governor, Jenn will: 

  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences
  • Repeal or reform low-level offenses that criminalize childhood behavior, poverty, addiction, and mental illness
  • Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline
  • Reform and require greater transparency in the pre-trial systems and eliminate cash bail to end the criminalization of low-income Virginians
  • Champion restorative practices, including restoration of rights for previously and currently incarcerated Virginians
  • Enact Virginia’s marijuana legalization and commercialization equitably and redress the disproportionate harm against Virginia’s Black community through priority licensing and allocating revenue to communities most directly harmed by marijuana prohibition and criminalization 
  • Continue reforming the judicial process so fair trials are not dependent on socioeconomic status and ensure sentences are proportionate to the crime
  • Reform incarceration to focus on rehabilitation and re-entry