Jenn’s Perspective

Jenn has seen the devastating impact of gun violence across the Commonwealth: from the mass shootings at Virginia Tech and Virginia Beach to the continued gun violence around Virginia that often results from domestic violence. As the mom of two school-age kids, Jenn supports enacting comprehensive gun reform to protect our families and make our communities safer. All of Virginia’s 1,000 annual gun deaths are preventable and Jenn believes it’s time to fix the problem. 

Jenn’s Record

As a legislator, Jenn took on the NRA and fought for common-sense solutions to reduce gun violence. Jenn led the fight in the Senate to pass a bill in 2020 that requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms, patroning bills on lost or stolen firearms since 2012. She cosponsored new laws to reinstate Virginia’s “one-gun-a-month rule” and to implement universal background checks. Jenn has also cosponsored legislation that allowed localities to prohibit guns in certain public spaces

Jenn’s Vision
As Governor, Jenn will:

  • Require permit purchase on gun sales 
  • Eliminate open carry laws that have historically intimidated Virginia’s citizens of color
  • Require background checks for those who buy guns from unlicensed dealers
  • Enact an assault weapons ban
  • Require background checks for gun rentals
  • Invest in Safe Communities grants – providing communities with the resources they need to tackle gun violence and provide the mental health resources needed to fight the suicide epidemic while directly engaging communities to determine their specific needs 

Click here to view Jenn’s comprehensive gun violence prevention plan.