Jennifer McClellan believes that all Virginians deserve access to affordable, quality health care. However, too many are paying too much for health care or do not have access at all. The coronavirus crisis has further exposed disparities in our health care systems and strains on our health care safety net. She understands behavioral health is an integral part of a comprehensive health care system. 

In the legislature, Jenn has worked tirelessly to address health care disparities and expand access to care and coverage for Virginians. She led the fight to create a Virginia Health Benefit Exchange when the Affordable Care Act first passed and finally achieved success this year. She fought to expand Medicaid coverage to over 400,000 Virginians;  she fought to expand access to and lower the cost of prescription drugs; and she has fought to expand access to preventative, reproductive, behavioral, and long-term care for all Virginians and to make the system easier to understand and navigate. As the first member of the House of Delegates to be pregnant while in office, she has been a fierce advocate for protecting access to reproductive care and led the fight in the Senate to pass the Reproductive Health Protection Act. 

As Governor, Jenn will continue to make access to a high quality, affordable, comprehensive health care system available to all Virginians. She will also protect the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship from undue government interference.