Many Virginia families struggle to find—or keep—affordable housing. Jennifer McClellan committed to maintaining affordable and stable housing for all Virginians.

Jennifer has been a legislative champion in fighting for affordable housing. She led the passage of new laws to establish a Tenants Bill of Rights, require 12 months advance notice to tenants of plans to demolish public housing, and increase localities’ tools to build more affordable housing through “affordable dwelling unit” ordinances.  As a member of the House of Delegates, Jennifer co-sponsored legislation to create the Virginia Housing Trust Fund with a dedicated source of revenue to help address affordable housing needs and reduce homelessness through low-interest loans and grants to reduce homelessness. She also led legislative efforts to prevent localities from discriminating against affordable housing developments.

Virginia has been highlighted for high evictions rates in the past several years, Jennifer is committed to reducing evictions and keeping individuals and families housed by creating programs like a State run Housing Voucher program and expanding eviction diversion programs.  She also led efforts to prevent evictions during the coronavirus crisis.

As Governor, Jennifer McClellan will continue to fight to protect access to affordable housing for all Virginians.