Jenn’s Perspective

As the mother of two young kids, Jenn has been a leader in Virginia’s effort to address climate change today and for generations to come. Jenn wants to leave an inhabitable planet for her children, and all of our children, to inherit. Jenn’s faith also teaches her that we must be stewards of this planet. Jenn recognizes that climate change is an environmental issue, an economic issue, a health issue and a racial justice issue that we must take action to address.

Jenn understands how Black and Brown communities are disproportionately impacted by historic environmental policy, climate change and pollution. That’s why any plan to address climate change and preserve our natural resources must include environmental justice. 

Jenn knows we are at a critical point in the fight against climate change and addressing human impact on the environment. That means we must not only transition to energy, transportation, manufacturing, and agricultural policies that reduce environmental impact, but reduce state and local government environmental impacts as well. She will center environmental justice in all decisions that impact our environment and communities. 

Jenn’s Record

In the legislature, Jenn has been a leader in conserving Virginia’s natural resources, protecting the environment, and addressing climate change. 

  • Led the Senate passage of the landmark Virginia Clean Economy Act—the most significant climate bill in Virginia history—to make Virginia the first Southern state with a 100% Clean Energy Standard, and create 13,000 clean energy jobs annually
  • Passed the Solar Freedom Act, which democratizes solar energy and removes barriers on local governments, residents, and businesses to harness solar power for their own use
  • Wrote and passed a bill to protect Virginia waterways from interstate pipeline projects
  • Chief-cosponsored the bill to create clean vehicle standards in Virginia and passed legislation expanding charging station infrastructure
  • Passed legislation to increase electric vehicle charging stations in Virginia
  • Introduced an Environmental Justice bill to require applicants for certain individual environmental permits to engage in community outreach
  • Cosponsored and passed legislation creating the New River Valley Passenger Rail Station Authority

Jenn’s Vision

As Governor, Jenn will: 

  • Make Virginia the #1 state for clean energy in America
  • Fully implement the Virginia Clean Economy Act and work with the Biden-Harris Administration to reach 100% clean energy by 2035
  • Make clean energy jobs a centerpiece of Virginia’s economic recovery by promoting sustainable solutions and innovation in all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and building infrastructure
  • Require environmental justice to be at the center of every project and enshrined in all state agency actions to address the long-standing inequities of Black and Brown communities facing health effects from pollution and fossil fuels
  • Make Virginia a national leader in electric vehicles and create a path for Virginia to have 100% low and zero-emissions vehicles by 2035
  • Introduce legislation that utilizes Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funding to invest in coastal resiliency and conservation of natural resources
  • Prepare Virginia for the impacts of climate change
  • Protect Virginia’s parks and green spaces