We are at a critical point in the fight against climate change and addressing environmental justice. We must transition from fossil fuels and pollutants that harm the planet while championing industries in a way that does not leave workers behind. And we must ensure environmental justice policies underlie all decisions that impact our environment and communities. 

Jenn has been a leader in the legislature on conserving Virginia’s natural resources and protecting our environment. She led the fight in the Senate to pass the landmark Virginia Clean Economy Act—the most significant climate bill in Virginia history—to make Virginia the first Southern state with a 100% Clean Energy Standard, and create tens of thousands of jobs. She also passed the Solar Freedom Act, which democratizes solar energy and removes barriers on local governments, residents, and businesses to harness solar power for their own use.

As Governor, Jenn will continue to champion measures that address climate change and coastal resiliency, conserve natural resources, protect our environment, and enshrine environmental justice as a hallmark of all state agency action.