McClellan Calls on Youngkin to Join Bipartisan Wind Energy

New Group Announced Today Includes 11 East Coast States – But Not Virginia

RICHMOND, VA – Today, Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) called on Gov. Glenn Youngkin to reconsider his decision not to join a new partnership focused on growing wind energy on the East Coast. The partnership, announced today by President Joe Biden, includes 11 East Coast governors of both parties from North Carolina to Maine. Youngkin’s office declined to comment on its decision not to participate.

“Hampton Roads is rapidly becoming a national hub for clean energy production and jobs,” McClellan said. “It’s hard to understand why Governor Youngkin would choose not to participate in a bipartisan group of 11 governors working to grow offshore wind energy. The Youngkin administration should not put right-wing ideology over job creation and affordable, American-made energy. I urge Gov. Youngkin to rethink the decision not to join this wind energy alliance.”

McClellan was the Senate patron of the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), which made Virginia the first southern state with a 100 percent clean electricity standard. The VCEA paved the way to the creation of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project off of Virginia Beach, the largest offshore wind project in America. Since the VCEA’s passage in 2020, Virginia has brought in thousands of new clean energy jobs, including 300 offshore wind turbine blade manufacturing jobs coming to the Portsmouth Marine Terminal.

McClellan was also the Senate patron of the Solar Freedom Act, a law to increase electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the Pipeline Accountability, Oversight, and Protection of Virginia’s Water Act. McClellan was chief co-patron of the Virginia Clean Car Standard.