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As of Thursday morning, the General Assembly had yet to agree on a budget — the last remaining piece of what has been a tumultuous and contentious legislative session.

The House of Delegates has twice sent an amended version of the governor’s budget to the Senate. With less than three days left in the session, the Senate had failed to pass any budget — on strict party-line votes.

Failure to pass a budget on time seems to have become the rule rather than the exception in the past decade: In five out of seven years from 2001 to 2008, the General Assembly has failed to pass a budget on time. In those years, by working through the budget and taking additional time, we have created a better budget. I hope the same thing will happen before the current fiscal year ends on June 30.


When I got pregnant two years ago, it was historic. Not only was I the first member of the House of Delegates to get pregnant, but it was the first time my OB/GYN had a legislator patient. Over the course of my pregnancy, as I went in for check-ups and ultrasounds, we had the opportunity to discuss abortion legislation and how it impacts not just unwanted pregnancies but wanted pregnancies that go wrong.

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The General Assembly will reconvene of Wednesday,  April 15th  for Veto Session, at which time we will address the Governor's amendments to and vetoes of legislation. 

The 2015 General Assembly Session adjourned  Sine Die  on Friday, February 27th , one day early.  We were able to accomplish a number of things, including the budget, ethics reform, education reform bills (summarized in my most recent Op-Ed in the  Richmond Times-Dispatch ), and bills addressing sexual assault on college campuses, which I highlighted in my Op-Ed two weeks ago. 

Last week, the General Assembly reached "Crossover," the mid-point of Session when the House and Senate must complete work on their own bills. The House and Senate also debated and passed their amendments to the budget introduced by Governor McAuliffe.  In this update I provide a summary of major legislation passed last week and the House budget.