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Governor’s plan misses the mark by Jennifer McClellan


This year, the General Assembly addressed several of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s All Students initiatives. During the State of the Commonwealth address, Governor McDonnell stated that “all children, regardless of their ZIP code, must have world-class educational opportunities.” I agree. The Constitution of Virginia demands as much. And most of us would agree Virginia’s education system has not kept that promise for every child. Too often, children’s ZIP codes do in fact determine the quality of education they receive. There are many reasons for this, and solving that problem will not be easy.


I’m honored to be included in Richmond Magazine’s list of a handful of people who commit a fair amount of passion and energy to the region.


Watch the news segment on WRIC Channel 8 in Richmond on Governor’s budget proposal to limit part-time state employees to less than 30 hours per week in order to avoid having to provide health benefits to these employees as required under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

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The 2017 General Assembly Session is now halfway over as the House and Senate considered hundreds of bills on Monday and Tuesday covering a wide variety of topics such as immigration, voting rights, school discipline, student loans, Airbnb, the regulation of property carriers, charter and virtual schools, and public procurement. 

Next Wednesday marks the halfway point in the 2017 General Assembly Session. Over the past week, the Senate passed several bills to strengthen relationships between law enforcement and communities, align Virginia with the rest of the nation in punishment for theft, assist former felons who reintegrate into society after completing their sentences, expand Virginia’s anti-discrimination laws, and curb predatory lending.

We're nearly one-third of the way through the 2017 Session.  This week is the last week Senate and House committees will act on bills before crossover, so we are in for long days.  
On Monday, the Senate considered SB 1055 increasing the penalties for failure to leave the place of any riot or unlawful assembly after being lawfully warned to disperse. I highlighted my opposition to this bill  in last week's newsletteron the radio, in my most recent Richmond Free Press update, and spoke against the bill on the Senate floor.  I'm pleased to report the bill was defeated  14-26.  You can watch my floor remarks opposing the bill  here.

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